Multiple flow trigger inconsistency

For my project there are multiple devices and multiple parameters to be captured from each device. Hence I decided to arrange them in multiple flows so that it could be manageable.However, there is unreliable timing of receiving messages at nodered end and sometimes messages are being skipped.

As shown in above picture, I am waiting for messages arriving on UDP port 1689 and then triggering modbus flow to get response. The trigger wait duration is 500ms for first flow, 550ms for second flow, 560ms for third and so on. I also selected extend delay if new message arrives option so that delay will adjust itself and no message get rejected. However, in actual scenario, this first flow Mains AC-EM is getting skipped sometime and not providing reliable results.

Maybe try having only one udp input node on the first flow - (with a debug so you can check the message arrives) then use link nodes to feed the other flows.
I know it should be the same but having multiple network nodes sharing the same port may possibly lead to trouble.

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Great help! I was not aware of this feature. I shall give it a try.