Multiple httpStatic folders in NodeRED

Is it possible to have multiple httpStatic folders in NodeRED (defined in settings.js) ?

Something like httpStatic: ['C:/FolderX', 'D:/FolderY']

No, but you could use a simlink (junction) so that

c:/static contains a FolderX (c:/FolderX) and a FolderY (d:/FolderY) then set httpStatic to c:/static


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Or you could abuse uibuilder since it effectively creates a new static folder for every instance of the node.

The only problem being that you will have to follow the uibuilder folder locations - though as Steve says, it is perfectly possible to use simlinks to position uibuilder folders where you want and then link them to the location that uibuilder needs.

I also faced this problem. My solutions is below. For now I'm using it by running my own red.js file.