Multiple Users of same flow

Iam new to Node-Red, Was creating a flow for multiple users so they can insert data to Mysql database.

i have used join node with 2 different topic. So upon 2 submits join node output will be generated and data will be dumped into database.

problem here is if 2 users using the same flow, if one user submits one topic and another user submit another topic , join node will generate output getting data of 2 users and wrong data is dumped into database.

Is there any other way

So you have two distinct flows to achieve 1 db update? That would seem to be fraught with issues anyway. Is there no way you can combine that to a single flow? Then you wouldn't need the join and your multi-user inputs would work as expected (unless those users try to update the same record).

Are both items submitted by the user? If so then use the dashboard form node which will submit them both at the same time.

Thanks for the replying.

Problem fixed, there was common element in both submit, so used a function to verify after Join node.