Multiple different connections for one user

Hi All,

I am quite new to node-red.

I have one simple question.

Reading few posts, I came to know that node-red is single threaded. Hence need to spin up new instance per user.But wanted to know the granularity of single threadedness.
For eg, for one user "utkarsh", I want to connect to postges and put the data to mysql
also for same user, there is another flow which connect to mongodb and then put data to timeseries database.

Will they work in parallel or there will be some issue in it also.

Thanks in advance.

Single-threaded and single-user are two different things.

Node-RED is a node.js app and node.js is single-threaded. It runs all code via a single application thread.

Node-RED is mostly single-user, at least for Dashboard.

Yes, you can write to multiple different DB's

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Thanks a lot for letting me know.I can now create multiple flows for each user.
Is there any example to trigger these flows on demand i.e. when i want i can trigger it and keep it stopped programatically.

Flows don't stop and start. They are potentially running all the time, but won't actually do anything unless something happens to start a message flowing through it. For example it may be triggered by some external event, or an Inject node configured to regularly inject.

Or are you talking about hiding dashboard tabs for different users?

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