My current Dashboard

My current Dashboard (all labels are in german):

If someone wants to know, how I realized certain elements or what these elements are for please ask.
On my (new) Smarthome website ( I already described many of the elements in german.


Looks pretty cool! If a bit dense... Some of the elements must be tricky to manipulate on a phone.

What did you use for the sunrise/sunset display, and the Haustuer bar? Are all these ui_template?

The only problem on my Smartphone is, that while scrolling I have accidentally touched buttons or switched lamps. But since there is one row it's big enough.

Haustuer bar is a node from node-red-contrib-ui-state-trail.


display!? Or the node for calculating the time for sunset and sunrise?

If the latter: within-time-switch or time-inject from node-red-contrib-sun-position

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Just as this thread may turn out pretty similar to this: Show us your Dashboard!
You are kind to share your experiences over your achievements but I think you may state out if you wan to keep it under the "share your projects" and your project only or you are happy enough to spread it over the fancy creations all over the dashboards people have created and maybe want to share. It is very inspiring thing to see what can be done and of course rises many "how to..." questions.


I meant the sunrise/sunset display, is that a custom ui node or using ui_template?

Just a button, which is filled with the approriate icon (symbol and color) via a function node.