My "Project History" tab stopped working, and is now a completely gray panel

Today when I went to push some new changes to git hub I noticed that when I clicked the project history tab it doesn't populate, it is just a gray rectangle. Up to this point it's been working great, and I've made dozens of commits this way.

I double-checked my settings.js file, and everything looks to be in order -- the projects enabled section is set to true.

Under the project settings, my Git Remotes origin field points to the correct github URL.

I tried blowing away the settings.js file and re-modifying it so projects are enabled, but the result is the same. Has anyone experienced this before or knows what's going on? I have some changes to check in that I really don't want to lose.


What you describe sounds like a bug - just a question of tracking down the cause.

Are there any error messages in the browser javascript console and/or the node-red console log?

The git repository will be under ~/.node-red/projects/<name-of-project> - so you can resort to the git command line if you want to make sure things are committed, but it would be useful to identify what is causing this issue.

Thanks for the response knolleary. There are indeed javascript errors, see screenshot:

Looks like it's saying there's a corrupt object...can I try to delete the object in question, or will I just mess things up worse?