My Projects disabled: git command not found

Using Debian and installed node-red via snap.

I get following output on those commands:
which git: /usr/bin/git
git --version: git version 2.20.1

Inside /var/snap/node-red/current/settings.js I have the part of the projects defined like this:
editorTheme: {
projects: {
gitCommand: '/usr/bin/git',
// To enable the Projects feature, set this value to true
enabled: true

Removing gitCommand does not change anything.

Not sure what I am doing wrong, when looking up online I only find posts about people not installing git but git is clearly already installed on my system but I continue to get this issue.

Welcome @Treekaya

Maybe a silly question: Have you restarted Node RED after enabling projects?
Are you using some form of container for Node RED?

using an exec node what does which git yield?

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yes I have restarted node-red multiple times. I have also rebooted the entire maschine.

The exec node failes and response with code:1 and message: "Command failed: which git"
It doesn't seem to find it. Hope I don't have to reinstall nodered for this but it is one thing I have not tried yet.

I don't use snap - most here use bare-metal, so the snap thing maybe using a container, and therefore doesn't see "outside" said container :man_shrugging:

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correct - the snap install version is fully inside it's container so has no access to apps (like git) that are outside.


So my guess would be to reinstall nodered. There are multiple ways installing it, I did already install npm using apt and installing node-red via npm.
Is this a good approach?
I sadly do not know how someone makes a choice on how to install it. I am guessing other sources can bring in different issues.

Standard way on Debian is to use the Raspberry Pi installer bash script (and just answer no to installing Pi nodes)

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But make sure to uninstall the snap version first

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I have Uninstalled snap and npm completely. I have set it up with the Raspberry Pi installer which works perfectly. Would have never used it because I clearly did not run it on a raspberry pi.

Thank you. Got projects up and running.

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The first sentence in the getting started docs for running node red locally is
If you are on a Raspberry Pi or any Debian-based operating system, including Ubuntu and Diet-Pi, you can use the Pi install script available here.

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