MySQL via SSH tunnel

Hi all,

Currently trying to establish a connection to MySQL but via SSH tunnel. Anyone been able to get this right?

You will need to share more information about what type of VPN you are using.

No VPN is used. Just that all our DB's need to be connected via an SSH "jump box" first.

Sorry, yes, should have seen that.

I've done similar things in the past but not for some time. What problems are you getting?

Basically not sure how to encapsulate the MySQL node in an SSH tunnel. Is the any nodes you used that helped you?

If you were not using node-red how would you access the db?

Via Dbeaver

Does that have built in support for tunnels?

Yes, that's why I use it. But so does MySQL Workbench

You don't :slight_smile:

You tell the SSH client to create a link from a local port to the remote ip/port. Of course, the remote server's SSH service must be configured to allow port forwarding. You can also pre-configure the remote SSH service with port forwarding.

Sorry I can't be more explicit but its been a while since I last did it and I can't remember the exact commands. But a quick search for something like "ssh port forwarding" should be sufficient.

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