Nanoleaf holiday lights


I received my Nanoleaf Holiday Lights today.

Has anyone already integrated this into Node Red?

Or can anyone help me with how to do this?

Hi @madmax

I recently got some nanoleaf lights as well (a Black Friday impulse buy). I've used the nodes @ghayne has linked to and it mostly just worked.

However - I found that after a few days, the lights stopped responding to the http api the nodes use. Searching the nanoleaf forums finds a lot of similar complaints go back a number of years. It seems you have to regularly (manually) reset the lights to keep the http api alive.


Thanks for the answer.

I already use node-red-contrib-nanoleaf for a few other lamps. But I can't query tokens for the Holiday Lights.

Hi, I don't use it myself, I joust posted the link to the node.
Maybe others here can help.

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