Nbrowser module not working in linux

I’m trying to use the nbrowser node in my node red instance that is installed on a Ubuntu vm server.

I’ve read through various forums on nightmare.js fixes with Linux servers but no luck yet.

After constructing the nbrowser nodes, I inject a blank string to trigger the nodes to fire and nothing.

I’ve think I’ve installed every nightmare, electron, and xvfb dependency I could find but I could be missing some I guess if that’s the issue.

Any feedback/thoughts would be appreciated

Hi and welcome

Going to need a bit more info on what your are trying to do and what isn't working for you

I'm trying to do a simple webage form fill / submit.
I've proven that my nbrowser node config works on my local node red install but when i run the same nbrowser node with the same settings/parameters in my linux server the nbrowser node doesn't seem to work through the steps and the browser instance doesn't appear.
it looks like it just hangs open without timing out or completing.

My initial thoughts, based on other forums, was that i was missing a few dependencies on my linux server, but after installing all of the referenced dependencies on the server, executing the nbrowser node still wasn't successful.

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