Need Help - Gives me error that it's looking for an ARRAY

I have a flow that I think is working the way it should but I'm getting an error when I try to Publish with MQTT Sparkplug. It tells me the "metrics" is looking for array. The problem is that I do have an array in the metrics.
As you can see my debug show exactly what I think I should have to be able to publish.

I'm not working on this on my computer so I have to take a picture of the screen to show what I mean.

I don't know anything about sparkplug, but I see that in the config you appear have said that is a Boolean, the debug says that it is a String, and the error says it should be an array. Perhaps you are trying to say that the value associated with element TagData[2] is a boolean, but is actually a number (137.86). Did you mean [1]? But even that is not a boolean it is a string.

Which sparkplug node are you using? There are several in the node red flows pages.

I am using "node-red-contrib-mqtt-sparkplug-plus"

A quick look at the readme for the node suggests that the array must be called metrics.

I think you made a great point. I did try that but I was using Metrics and when I change to lower case it all came together.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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