Need Help, how to send URL in ""

I wonder how to send the URL to the browser?
I manage to display the Browser on my LG webOS with a function:

msg.payload = "";
return msg;

I send this to the app node in node-red-contrib-lgtv.

What I need is: How do I send the URL? I tried adding a function with:

msg.topic = "";
return msg;


msg.params = "";
return msg;

and = "";
return msg;

and "";
return msg;

The last threw an error:

"TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'target')"

I found something like:

  id: webOSDev.APP.BROWSER,
  params: {
    target: '', // target should be
  onSuccess(res) {
    // do something
  onFailure(res) {
    // handle error

but I don't understand how to do something like this.
Thank you for giving me a hint.

Why not use the lgtv-browser node. Looking at the source code you simply set the URL in msg.payload

Yes, this was the correct hint. Thank you. I forgot the https://

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