NEST Thermostat Integration Idea

Hi Everyone,

I had an idea for NEST Thermostat integration and I wanted to bounce the idea off of the community to see if it's plausible.

Would it be possible to load up an Android OS on a VM and then somehow provide some hooks in the VM to control the app? I'm thinking that these hooks would need to somehow manipulate the app through the UI by sending a remote commmand. This would be transparent to the NEST app. Screen scrapes would likely be needed to pull data, which is probably the easier part...aside from the navigation to the screens.



sounds complicated . Is this "old" node no longer viable ?

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@dceejay, it would be complicated! That's why I wanted to bounce the idea of y'all first.

The node-red-contrib-nest no longer works. Google acquired nest and discontinued their works with nest program and hasn't provided a working solution for just anyone to now integrate devices w/ nest. Few workarounds were available but I think all are broken now.

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