Nest Learning Thermostat

I unboxed a Nest Learning Thermostat today, and not even wired it up yet, but already thinking about how I can integrate it into my node-RED flows :thinking:

Anyone else using this thermostat?

Seems like a no then Paul :frowning:

Maybe try on the Hardware category?

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Cart before horse, you should of check for api's before purchase.

I know works with nest has been removed , I believe it is now works with assistant.
This may help Thermostat  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers

I highly recommend genius hub (Uk EU Z-wave frequency) to others as i have installed a few and it is very expandable. Normally a straight swap of standard programmer, and has a api to.

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API access wasn't a show stopper, but just some icing on the cake :wink:

Thanks for the link @E1cid , once I get some time to install the nest, I'll give this a try.

It's sad that a company like google find it necessary to charge $5 to register for device access, after users have stomped up $250 to buy the device!
(or is it a nominal charge to prove the user's identity?)

Paul I did have NEST working via IFTTT and NR
But I had one of the early ones so it was a long time ago
But was reconsidering re-integration so would be good to know how you get on

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