Nested Groups in Dashboard

I am likely going down the path of UIBuilder because I have such specific desires for my smarthome controls, but I just want to verify that I am not overlooking something.

Is there a way in the native NR dashboard to build nested groups?

I think the supported hierarchy is limited (in a reasonable way) to:

  • 1 Dashboard per NR instance
  • 1-N Tabs per Dashboard
  • 1-N Groups per Tab
  • 1-N Components per Group

I am not asking as an off-hand request for enhancement, I just want to make sure I am not missing something that might exist that I am just not seeing.

For what it is worth, I use a tab for Smarthome with other tabs for other things. I use a group per room and would plan to eventually subdivide that (probably hand built in UI builder) into capabilities like on/off/toggle vs. brightness vs. color picking.

You are correct. No nested groups - there is a proposal for that - but nowhere near completion and other constraints will still apply.

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Thanks for the verification. As I suspected, UIBuilder is the way to go for those who are wanting to tweak a dashboard in an unconstrained way.

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