Netbeast router URL is missing or device cannot be found

Hi, I cannot make it work, once I install npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red then Install npm install node-red-dashboard

and then install node-red
I uploaded bellow screenShot

Any hint please? thanks

Have you read the netbeast nodes readme? It says you have to have something else running before using the nodes.

No idea if that is related, but its something to look at.

You may need to uninstall the netbeast node module to get things working.

Yes, i was read neatbeast readme.

i was tried to uninstall and reinstall “node-v8.11.2-x64” but not any solution

Before you start Node-red have you started your netbeast dashboard?

Yes Sir,
i installed the “npm install node-red-dashboard” command (has been started netbeast dashboard url http://localhost:8000/ ) and then i will install node-red but he is not working yet.

Can you please help me .

If you have tried starting the netbeast dashboard before starting node-red and it is still not working.

You could try uninstalling the node-red-dashboard node or the netbeast node and see if that then works.

cd into your .node-red directory and running the npm uninstall command with the name of teh node you choose to delete

Hello ,

I was uninstalled "npm uninstall node-red-dashboadr" and npm uninstall .

I have attach the below screenshot plz find it.

but getting same issue of netbeants url issue.

i following installation guide in the url :

So the warnings it gives are just warnings .

As it isn’t a compatibility issue between the two dashboards I suggest you open an issue on the github page for the netbeast nodered node

Step1. go to your .node-red-->package.json and remove node-red-contrib-netbeast entry and save it
Step2. go to the .node-red--> and remove node-red-contrib-netbeast folder completely or any other folder related to the netbeast from same location
step3. do npm audit fix
step4 node-red
you will be good!

That is generally not advisable, unless you know what you are doing.

please explain how to do this

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