New book about Node-RED MCU Edition

I happy to be able to pass along news of a new book about Node-RED MCU Edition that was just published in Japan. It's a step-by-step introduction to using Node-RED on microcontrollers. It starts from getting set-up before moving on to networking, I/O, audio, NeoPixels, and sensors.

The authors – Ayachika Kitazaki, Masahiro Shioji, and Yasushi Tauchi – have done a remarkably thorough job. During development of the book, they uncovered several bugs in Node-RED MCU Edition (all since fixed!) and inspired new features to simplify building flows for MCUs. Congratulations to all of them. The authors generously invited me to contribute a short afterwards to their book.

Very exciting to see this book arrive to help developers get started with Node-RED on microcontrollers. Node-RED MCU Edition isn't even a year old yet and people are already publishing books! Also, very cool to see our new logo on the cover of a book. :wink:


HI, is the book written in English?, is it available in the UK ? and how much is it? please.

The book is written in Japanese. There's a very active Node-RED community in Japan, so this book makes the Node-RED MCU Edition work more easily accessible to them. It would be great to have an English version too.

The price is great - 2700 Yen (about $20 US) - but it seems to only be available for purchase in Japan.

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