New Forum Category suggestion - Contrib node suggestions

May I suggest a new category in the forum called something along the lines of "Please develop a node for this..."

People with a need not yet covered by existing nodes, but not able to develop that themselves can post their needs in this category. Community members can chime in and someone with development skills may see value in the request and be inspired to 'develop a node for that', and hopefully share that in the "Share your nodes" category. :slight_smile:

Hi @thinkbig1979 - I'd suggest posting in "Creating Nodes". While the description is not exactly "develop a node for us" ...

... a thread with a reasonable title and well reasoned content should be ok.

EDIT. I should add - its not an unreasonable request (as any topic in that category would at least not have to tip toe around the "please please please make this for me" approach)

EDIT2: I have moved this to Forum Help. Can I suggest you also edit the title to something like "New Forum Category suggestion - Contrib node suggestions" so that it gets the right attention and feedback?

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed the Creating Nodes category exists, but that is a more general category, and people may shy away from posting explicit requests there, hence my suggestion.

I have changed the title as you suggested :slight_smile:

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