New gadget: Inhouse security drone

Hi folks,

For the gadget freaks, Ring (read Amazon) has developed a drone for inhouse security:

Of course there are privacy concerns. But I might imagine this might be solution for people that have no opportunity to install sensors (e.g. in a rented house).

Seems there is an open API for developers, so I assume one day we will see a node-red-contrib-ring-drone node popping up in our palette. Although most probably I won't be the developer of this one :wink:


Of course, that isn't in any way creepy!

And to allow Amazon/Ring into your home that way? Not for me thanks. :skull_and_crossbones:

Of course, one of the earliest demo's of Node-RED was Dave's (I think?) control of a drone and we've joked before about launching a drone to see who was at the front-door when the bell was rung! Maybe Amazon are reading this forum and stealing our ideas?! :scream:

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Not sure whether global corporates and inhouse security should be used in the same sentence.


But wouldn't it just help having random people that have somehow found your camera stream keeping an eye on your home when you're away?

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And surely you would want the police to have access like they do to ring doorbells in the USA? Oh, and if you are in the USA, don't forget to extend it to those nice DHS "contractors" who have been "protecting" federal property by spiriting people away. You've got nothing to hide right? So why not?

Which is presumably why you no longer bother with a door to the toilet.

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