New Node is displayed as Flow in Library - error or my fault? - SOLVED


I added a new node (magichome-led node) to npm and it got automatically added to the Node Red Flow library.
It is marked as NODE in the library, but it is colored in blue and when you click on it, it directs you to
the link as if it was a flow instead of a node (
When you change the word "flow" in the link to "node", the correct site appears.
Did I do something wrong in my node description, which caused this behaviour or did I discover a bug in the library system ?

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Nodes displaying as 'flow' in flow library

After changing my version number to 1.0.0, it is correctly displayed as node.
Maybe the behaviour was because version was 0.9.0


hi, did you manage to get the magichome led controller work? i am struggling with the config with the Key input. Any thoughts?