[new node] node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip


I'm not sure if I understood your problem. Could you please post some screenshots or a video about your issue?


when i goto manage palette, the three nodes installed are greyed out, when i try to enable them i get a message in putty "8 Oct 06:53:39 - [warn] Failed to enable node:
8 Oct 06:53:39 - [warn] - ethernet-ip : SyntaxError: Unexpected token ..."



What version of node.js are you using? That error is often caused by the node requiring a newer version.


i am on version 6.12.3, i can see there is a new version, any idea how i upgarde this ?
Thanks for your help


It will depend entirely on how you installed node.js in the first place, what operating system you are using etc. There is no 'one-click' answer.


i am using Yocto on a SIMATIC 2040, i tried an update of node.js, but it did not install


Saying it did not install does not give us many clues to help you.
Tell us what OS you are using, how you installed node.js initially, and how you tried to update it and what the problem was.



it's a Simatic 2040 with Yocto on it - the images can be found on their support site - like https://support.industry.siemens.com/tf/ww/en/posts/latest-sd-card-example-image/156074/?page=0&pageSize=10 - which says node.js is 6.12 - so is built into the firmware.


HI all, i have been advised that the issue is with the use of Spread Syntax (three dots "...") , this is not supported within older versions of yocto, I'm not a node.js expert, would anyone know how to amend this?

from what i can see in the file the Spread Syntax is used three times.

lines 18 and 267.

some help would be appreciated


I see there is already an issue on that node for this

You may wish to add your findings and comments there.

@machadotiago - any thoughts ?


Thanks for the tip


on the topic of "It is a generic implementation of the industrial EtherNet/IP Protocol"

Would you say then, that this node could be used to, read from/write to, any io device that communicates via Ethernet/IP, or would you say that it is only for PLC use?