Its possible to communicate Mitsubishi PLC Fx5u-M32 (Ethernet TCP/IP) to Node red using "node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip"?

its possible to communicate Mitsubishi PLC Fx5u-M32 (Ethernet TCP/IP) to Node red using "node-red-contrib-cip-ethernet-ip" ??

Probably not.

For starters, I'm fairly certain that node is specifically for Allen Bradley Comms (I could be wrong).

Next, I'm fairly certain mitsubishi don't do EtherNet/IP (at least not without a £2000 C processor module running code written by frustrated engineers no doubt haha. EIP4CCPU anyone???)

Ok, so a quick search of that cpu reveals it does in fact seem the FX has a ENET/IP module with EtherNet/IP support. Nice. #at-long-last :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, as I pointed out earlier, I believe all the EIP nodes only do PCCC Allen Bradley specific stuff.

You'll likely have to go down one of these 3 paths...

  1. PLC -->OPC-UA server --> node-red (node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua)
  2. Write (or wait for someone) to publish an MC Protocol node-red node.
  3. Use raw sockets
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Thanks for your reply .

This Mitsubishi PLC is a CC-Link IE Communication protocol [Ethernet ] .,

do u have any documents or web links for this setups .., -->> 1. PLC -->OPC-UA server --> node-red (node-red-contrib-iiot-opcua) please share to below mail id

Just install one of the many OPC servers (e.g. kepware - or - mitsubishi mx-opc V6 - or - etc etc etc), then install the node I mentioned.

No one will have step by step info, you'll have to do some trial and error and lots of reading.

Btw, CC link IE is NOT EtherNet/IP. And I doubt anyone has a nodejs driver capable of communication to CC Link IE.

Go down one of the three paths I mentioned first.

Thank You Boss:heart_eyes:.,

What you trying to do!? Why don't use modbus!?

this is not having modbus communication .

U mean your application not goning to have modbus communication!?
And yes fx5 series have built-in modbus both rs485 and tcp/ip.
U wanna to control /send fx5 data to Schneider Magelis IOT..
Tip take in all of data u need trough modbus from fx5 to node red then send it to Magelis IOT trough whatever protocol it's supported still through node red flow....

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