New SSH Tools node (Looking for input)

Hey all I have just finished creating a new SSHTools node. I am currently looking to get feedback on its function and let me know what you think. I currently looking into setting up a testing framework to provide a level of unit testing support.

Can the source code be found somewhere ?

The account authentication is used to provide username or password for the remote user account that will be used to login.

I am curious how you handle the password injection.

Given the recent hacks, I do hope that you have put plenty of warnings in your config panel, help, etc about people not exposing these things to the Internet without a good understanding of the consequences!

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Post a link to its github repository.

I am a little new to GitHub and npm websites. Currently working through setting up github

The big advantage of putting on github is that then we can install your beta version directly from there in order to have a look at it.

Its now on github. I am still trying to figure out how npm and github work together seems bit disjoint.

Are you going to give us the link?

Don't publish it to npm until you have something close to what you want to end up with.