Newbie using TCP nodes

Hi to all!
I'm a newbie about node red and these are my first steps... I can't understand how to use TCP nodes.

I need to do this about TCP handshaking between TCP client and TCP server, here handshaking example:

  • Client connects to a server, first handshaking using strings:
  • CLIENT: Goodmorning
  • SERVER: Goodmorning, I'm server XYZ
  • CLIENT: I need station data
  • SERVER: Tell me station
  • CLIENT: Station ZZXX
  • SERVER: Here data of station ZZXX
    Then server starts to send binary data to the client.
    If client not receiving data it sends keepalive packet
    Then client starts to process data.
    Where can I find examples about this?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

2 places to start...

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