TCP Server in Node-Red

Dear All
I am trying to create a use case, where I have a multiple TCP devices and these devices are sending data to a TCP server which is written in C#.
I want to receive that data directly into node-red by pointing my devices to node-red (TCP server) or so.

Is there a node available that i can configure as TCP server with a port number where i can receive data directly into node red?

your help will be really appreciated.


Can you be specific on what "device" you want to connect to Node-RED?

Lets say these devices are barcode scanners. You can easily use the TCP nodes on different IP addresses and use the default port for the device. Some devices the port is set but you can change the IP address.

You can use the TCP in and out nodes as a pair to create a server..

Do you need to response to messages from C#? If not, then it's quite simple:
Add an TCP In, add a port. Are the messages strings? Then it's easy again, select strings as payload and a delimiter.
Whenever a delimiter is detected on the receiving side, a msg is sent from the node. Delimiters are usually \r (Carriage return) or \n (Linefeed or new line).

Appreciate responses.
what i am trying to eliminate is my C# TCP server service.
I want to directly consume data into NodeRed.
The devices are OBDII vehicle trackers, and these send binary packets to Server:port
this is what is configured at device end, and server should be receiving packets

What isn't working when you use the TCP nodes to create a server as suggested earlier.

no it never worked for me

i see my local connection working but from external device it does not connect,
my ports are open and working

can you elaborate more on this please

Do you have documentation on the protocol?

It may be expecting a reply to an initial handshake or some other response.

I see you have "1 connection" is that connection made by the device in question?

Maybe this helps:
Vehicle OBD2 with Torque

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