Suggestion to handle serial over tcp using nodered?

i suceeded to parse data using a rs232 adapter and node-red-node-serialport. However, the goal is to parse data over tcp, tried using tcp-node but then i cannot setup 7O1 in flow.... suggestion? virtualcom?

HOWEVER, this works and i got readings using python..
sudo socat pty,link=/dev/ttyNET0,waitslave tcp:
sudo chmod 666 /dev/ttyNET0
dmm read --connect /dev/ttyUSB8 --count 0
sudo picocom -b 2400 /dev/ttyNET0

...but someone maybe have a flow that do that in node-red already? :slight_smile:

I may be wrong here but I don't believe your Python example is reading over TCP - not directly, you set up a serial port that reads over TCP didn't you and then read from that serial port? Wouldn't that also work in node-red? You would still set up the port at the OS level.

To read the serial port of my inverter via ethernet, I used this gateway
and then I use a tcp node to retrieve or write to this port.
And you which gateway do you use?

There are 2 versions, one wifi and the other rj45

oh, saw that dmn read --connect /dev/ttyUSB8 should be ttyNET0.. in my example byt my bad.
And yes.. im sure it will work with node red.. im just wondering if i make it harder for myself...

i use raspberry pi, rs232 adapter and ser2net

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