Read data through an Ethernet port

Hello, could someone tell me if it is possible to receive information in node red through an Ethernet port?

I have a scale in room A, which is quite a distance from room B, and I can't use a RS232 cable, that's why I was considering connecting the scale via RS232-ETHERNET adapter, in order to connect it to a siwtch /router and be able to read the gateway through the switch or router. or failing that, use an internet cable that allows me to cover more distance,

Yes. Of course. There are UDP, TCP, MQTT, http(s) nodes built in and hundreds of ethernet based protocol nodes in the library.

Whatever your question is, the majority of answers are "yes, you can do that with node-red"

Basically I wanted to receive data from the scale through IP

There are a number of solutions possible.

1 such solution is to use an off the shelf serial server that will present the rs232 device as a device on a TCP/UDP network. These can be a little expensive but equally you cou use an esp32 or similar SBC and relay the serial data over the network

As I said before, the answer is almost always yes.

To deport the serial port to Ethernet, I use this kind of ready-made functional product. Fully accessible in NR via TCP request nodes, for example.

At a reasonable price < 10 €


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