Usr-tcp232 setup

I am trying to integrate a usr tcp-232-302 Ethernet to serial port converter and have yet to get it to talk through TCP or UDP using NR. Anyone else using one of these and can give me some pointers?

Doesn't it just offer up a TCP Server that you can connect to.
Assuming its configured with your Lan Network?

It does, but I have been unable to get it to show connected, and/or not get an error when I try to use a tcp node.

What's the work mode under Serial Port on the web interface for it?

Tcp server

Maybe try and reverse roles?

Create a TCP Server in Node RED, and set it up as a Client.
I'm assuming it uses a Standard TCP/IP protocol?

it looks like it should connect

I got it to connect... Under misc settings it had a max client and that was defaulted to zero. Now to get the serial ports to talk...

Nice - have fun!

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It is seeing something! 8 bytes. Now for the device to actually change...

Get a USB to Serial adapter - open up a terminal and you should be able to test 2 way comms between Node RED and whatever host is connected to the kit with the USB to serial adapter

Set up an echo flow in Node RED

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I have that, but I probably need a null modem adapter too.

Hi Napalmcsr,
i answer to your question of my old thred:

Maybe it helps

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Thank you!!!!

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Thanks everyone! After getting the setup correct, and a couple of gender changes and null modem connections, I have this working!


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