Serialport node does not work

Hi Everyone,
I am a beginner at raspberry Pi and Node Red.
A year ago I was able to get a raspberry pi with Node red working to control my television over rs232 commands. I useds the serialport node for this and a usb serial device. I remember having a hard time configuring this. It had something to do with permissions to use the serial port. But it did work, until the sd card crashed. :slight_smile:

Now I am trying to repeat the experiment. I would like to catch the IR commands from my Loewe television to be sent to my bose surround set, which also has serial data in/out.

I installed the latest version of bullseye(11) with the latest version of Node Red(v3.0.2) with the latest version of serialport(1.0.1).

I made a simple config and the nodes connect to the ttyUSB0, but when I try to send, nothing is coming out of the port and after a while the request node times out with the notification "undefined".

any ideas how to get this working?

You don’t need both serial nodes. Pick one or the other depending if you are expecting a reply or not. Also check what the end of line character needs to be for your TV. The default is \n but a lot of devices expect \r.

Thank you dceejay. I know I don't need to use them at the same time. This was just to show the state. I recovered the old configuration and this one works fine. I just can't remember how to handle the permissions.

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