Read data from any rs232 using the usb device

Hi everyone ,
I am trying to read data from a weigh scale.
The scale wont show any value i used and C# with all functions but still confused why ? do i have to configure my scale weight indicator ? if yes help me please .
also if there is any possibility to connect any electronic device that have rs232 port to usb and read data by node-red .
BTW i used the red-node-serialport andi configure all details but still not working .
any suggestion or help would be great thak you guys

Ii don't understand what you mean by that.

Are you getting any data out of the serial port node?

Hi thank you for your reply ,
i used a RS232 to USB Converter Cable because my scale indicator has a RS232 port and my pc a usb port .
after that i determened my COM port number in the device manager after that i did the Communications Settings Baud Rate , the Parity setting, the number of Data Bits , and the number of Stop Bits even i do that in the node-red serial port setting or or C# dont get any type of data and nothing appears , except Arduino or Raspberry i dont have any problems by getting data from them even i used or C# but with another serial port electronic device like a scale weight indicator still have no solution for it so i want a solution using node-red thank you so much


This is still a little fuzzy.

node-red serial port setting or or C# dont get any type of data and nothing appears

Are you saying that this USB serial adapter is not working in Node-Red, as well as vb.NET and c# applications?

If so - maybe it's the adapter that is at fault? But we can find out.

But then

i dont have any problems by getting data from them even i used or C#

Are you saying it is working in other applications apart from Node-Red?


Have you tried crossing the rx and tx with for example and gender change.
It often happens with rs232 that manufacturers swap rx tx then you don't see any data.
You can also measure it with a multimeter pin 2 to pin 5(GND) and pin 3 to pin 5.
With usb rs232 converter both should be +/- 3.5 - 4 volts. isn't this the case cross rx and tx

Ofcourse my serial usb adapter is working it shows the port COM number but it shows any kind of data acquisition
and about saying dont have no problem i mean that to get data using or c# or node-red with atduino ofcours they all working with this device and easy to get them and showing them but other devices can not still confuse about how to do it
and while i connect my digital scale indicator do i have to add a function in node-red to receive data or just adding the serial port node like that and waiting data to show up ?

hi @Vonksmurf
i will try this solution and hope i can get any output voltage.
thank you

do i have to do a function or Something to fix this ?

First you have to feed it into a debug node to see what you have.

the result i get from debug

Is that repeating continually at rapid rate? If so then there is an issue with the hardware or wiring.

yes repeating continually

Well there is a problem with the hardware or the wiring then.

idont think so because im usin this cable
and this is my indicator

Or a problem with settings (baud/stop bits/parity etc)

Change the serial node to output a buffer - might make more sense.

What does the manual for the scale say about the data and comm settings?

Also, if you unplug the cable, does the debug stop?

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