Read data from any rs232 using the usb device res

sorry for the destrube but yes if fi plug my cable out the data stop shwing up and i did all what is in the datasheet by confuguring my indicator as they said

You will need to give us more to go on if you want some help.

What OS are you using? What kind of device is connected over your serial connection? Have you checked whether it is the remote device end that can't recover from the disconnection (e.g. by using a serial terminal app) or whether it is the server?

May I suggest using putty (windows) to also connect to this unit.

And if you're getting the same output (a constant non printable output), then its clearly some odd/proprietary behaviour from the hardware?

  • power down the device
  • power up the device
  • connect using putty (there are alternatives of course)
  • see what the output is

I think at this point we need to try and rule out anything nodejs based.

This is in reference to:

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