Read data from RS232 Scale weight port

Hi, I have been triying to read data from a digital scale weight, it uses a RS232 port, I am using my laptop with Linux Mint, I have been triying a lot of software for SCADA just for read the data but I got no luck, now I've found Node Red, my scale weight indicator transmit in ASCII, I have to send the 'p' character (ASCII 80) In order to recive the ASCII data from the device.

I just have used the Serial nodes and the inject and debug nodes, I have the felling I have to program something in the Function nodes but I don't have any clue by now.

Are you getting a reply from the device? If so then the first thing is to feed that into a debug node to see what you have. Next you have to work out what you need to do with the reply. Only then do you need to worry about how to do that.

set inject to send a string p to the serial out node - you may need to set the serialport node to add a \r or \n to everything sent (like hitting the enter key) - you will have to try both to see which for your device - and then add a debug to the serial in node - to see what comes back. This all assumes you have set the correct serial baud rate etc for your device.

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