Nice looking project boxes

Like many here I'm often in need of a nice small enclosure to house sensors etc.

I don't have access to a 3D printer so I'm always on the lookout for something that fits the bill.

There are many on the market but most look like something from the 1950's :wink:

Could people please post any they have found here with pictures and details, it could save people a lot of time searching.

I've used these plastic boxes from CPC (in various sizes) with locking handles for some of my projects.
PS: Just realised, CPC must be just down the road from you @smcgann99 in Leeds !!!


I use little HDPE boxes from Aliexpress like these

They are just big enough for an ESP and a sensor or two. Sorry, shocking photos!
Untitled 1
Untitled 2

A capacitative touch sensor picks up a touch from inside the case, though I had to bend the pins through 90 degrees. For temperature etc sensors I put them outside, held in place with a little nylon bolt.
I wire wrap the pin headers.

My only problem with them is that polythene is very resistant to glueing.

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Don't know whether you mean for internal/external sensors, but I regularly use adaptable boxes from Screwfix, such as

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To give an idea what I'm looking for, something which actually looks like a professional product, for greater WAF!
(rather than a lunch box stuck to the wall :joy: @dynamicdave )

Here is an example, with room for a PCB some buttons and a small display.

Similar but without the cutouts

I have also used these for PIRs etc

If you can find a nice box then you can work out how to fit the gubbins inside :wink:

Lunch box, hadn't thought of that one. I've been using fishing tackle boxes.

Ha, ha - I had never thought of it in those terms - until today. :thought_balloon:

Please note - they are not stuck on the wall. :brick:
For health & safety reasons I used wallplugs and proper screws. :hammer_and_wrench:


To be fair they look fine in that setting but not so much in the living room.....

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I have a number of small attractive ones that I could part with.... Let me get a picture of them over the next day or so.... I have quantities of 25 to 50 of them...

Hammond has a big selection of different types of small enclosures Small Enclosures - Hammond Mfg.. I've been buying them locally (Brand in Plastic Enclosures). They cost incredibly little for something "made in USA"!

I'd assume there to be a local supplier in the UK as well if you're from there.

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I love the blue and red extruded aluminium boxes.

I have used the Intermatic Outdoor Enclosure in a couple of projects. It meets US wiring standards if installed correctly. The plastic allows Wi-Fi to pass through.

This is a induction loop driveway sensor with a Sonoff Mini running Tasmota.


@SonoraTechnical OK couple of days is up now :wink:

Yeah I know... It's just that I am in Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon for another week . When I return home I'll take photos of the cases

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Crikey where's your sense of priorities? :crazy_face:

I wish I was in Bryce Canyon rather than Birmingham.


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