No debug Tab on editor

I have my debug tab invisible on Node-RED. Any solutions ?

What version of Node-RED, what version of node.js? How did you install? Has it always been like this or has it just started? Any more basic information you can share?

The version is 0.18.4. The problem occurred today only.

What are you running Node-RED on?

Is it not just hidden ? Halfway on the right


And what about the rest of my questions?

Also, any errors in the log when Node-RED starts? Any errors in the browser JavaScript console when you open the editor? Is it just the debug sidebar you don't see (so you have the Info sidebar tab?)

The node.js version is 8.15.0. I can see the info sidebar tab. It is the debug sidebar tab i can't see. The Node-RED is running on a VPS.

Can you post a screenshot so we can understand what you are seeing (or not seeing in this case)?

This is what i see.

Do you have the Debug node in your palette?

And again, I asked other questions that still need answering - particularly any errors in your browsers javascript console

Now when i opened the console, the debug sidebar tab just came.

magical! But now it is fixed, you are using an old version of Node-RED ( current is v0.20.7)

But still i have these errors.