No messages showing in mosquitto console

Hi all,
I've build a NODE-RED flow with the following nodes:
1 node type http in
1 node type http response
1 none type MQTT out
1 node type debug

the MQTT out node is showing "connected"
however, when I run the following command line, no messages is showing in the console.
C:\Program Files\Mosquitto>mosquitto -c mosquitto.conf -v

Please help me with this problem. Thank you in advance!

Why do you think there should be any output?

Best guess is that the mosquitto.conf file has a logging config so all the output is being written to the log so this is all working properly, but that is purely a guess as there isn't enough information in the question to say any more.

Did the node show connected before you ran that line? If so then mosquitto is already running so you must not try to run another instance of it. Instead use mosquitto_sub, or even easier, install MQTTExplorer to monitor whether it is working.

Yes I added the following lines in the mosquitto.conf file

listener 1883

protocol mqtt

listener 9002

protocol websockets

allow_anonymous true

log_type all

Thank you so much!! Turned out that I had 2 mosquitto running..

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