Node configuration issue


I'm a complete noob to node and I'm running into a few basic issues:
Right now I am trying to recreate a simple DHT11 sensor flow. When I try to edit the gauge settings it only has limited options.

This is what I want:

This is what I have:

Also, no matter what I do the UI address always returns undefined. Apologize for the formatting couldn't figure out how to use this system.

What dashboard did you install ? That is not node-red-dashboard. You will probably need to uninstall it and reinstall the correct one.

Did you install Node-RED yourself or you using the version that comes with the install?

If it is the version that comes with the install, you might want to start by reinstalling following these directions


So I had some other version of dashboard installed and I deleted that (I forgot to note the name of it). After this things seemed to run smoother.

The icons for the different nodes showed img errors however it has resolved after several reboots.

I always forget to write things down...

My guess would be that this was caused by the browser cache rather than anything at the node-red end.