Missing Dashboard panel?

I've installed node-red-dashboard, but I don't appear to have a dashboard panel on the right to adjust order etc. Any ideas?

Running on a raspberry pi 3:

  • node v15.3.0
  • node-red v1.2.6
  • node-red-dashboard 2.10.0 (downgraded node-red-dashboard because gauges charts weren't displaying at all with the latest version?)

Better to go back to the latest version and get the gauges fixed I think. If there is a problem with them it will get fixed as a matter of priority I am sure.

Cheers Colin,

I want working charts more than I want the layout panel, but might update back to the latest temporarily to see if that helps with the panel - at least narrowing down the problem a little.

You said gauges weren't working, now it is charts, whichever it is I am not aware of others having problems, so I think it must be something specific to your setup. Please start a thread asking for help with that.

Don't forget to clear the browser cache if you change the dashboard version.

I wonder if using node v15 is your issue? It is generally recommended to use even number. E.g, I have no such issues with node v14

Thanks both. It was charts I had trouble with @Colin - apologies for the confusion. Will have a bit of a play and seen if I can put together a repro case.

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