Node-red UI problems


Please help I have been up most of the night getting my node-red server back online. and now I have realized my dashboard has a problem aswell. The UI doesn't work, if you look at the attached screenshot you will see somthing isn't right. at the moment I have removed all ui's, somhow nod red things there is still somthing in use.



If you open up the Configuration nodes sidebar tab from the drop-down menu, you should find a ui_base config node. Double click on it to open its edit dialog - do not click the button to open the dashboard sidebar, but click the Delete button. Then deploy.

Note that if you open the dashboard sidebar it will automatically readd the ui_base config node - so don't do that until you've sorted out the issue.

The [object Object] messages should be actual error messages encountered when loading the node - we've fixed the display of those messages for the next release. For now, yo'ull have to check the node-red log output for the actual errors.



Hi, thanks for your answer. my problems are only getting bigger. I still couldn't get the UI working so I tried a fresh installation from backups. I have been the better part of 3 days trying to get a new installation working with an imported node-red flow that was always working perfectly. Node-red is continually starting and stopping. I really don't know were to look. Unfortunatly my whole house is running on the node-red installation.

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You are on an older version of NR and Node.js, you may want to run the update script found at:



Looks like something is running out of memory. The solar edge node (whatever that is???) is throwing an exception and then the gc goes bang. Which causes which needs to be determined.



After allot of invested time i managed to narrow the problem down to a modbus node. I had two modbus nodes installed, I think they were using up all memory resources until the pi crashed.



While you are fixing that in the Palette manager (and the red warning triangle confusion), any chance you can update the nodes list open/close symbols?

I know it's a minor thing, but that clearly shows that there are greater than 54 nodes not supported on Windows -- or at least that's the way my brain interprets it ;*)

Might I suggest using the filled black triangles such as those used by the debug panel?

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