Node dialog overriding input message

In my node the user can select a command in the node dialog (<select> tag) and in the incoming message with property msg.cmd.

Is there any "recommended" practice how to prioritize that conflicting input?
option a) incoming message always overrides data provided in the dialog
option b) opposite of a
option c) in dialog there is a tic box or the select box has option "incoming message"
option d) ??

Should there be an error message/stop the flow in case of a conflict?

Normally, if an option is set, it takes precedence over incoming msg.

but, instead of a select, you might want to consider the typedInput for allowing user to specify a msg property.

The typedInput can allow msg. and your own custom dropdown list - 2 birds, 1 stone.


or one of the select options can be - allow override with incoming msg.cmd.
But yes in general if set in the config that takes precedence as the user usually sets it for a reason.

Thanks for clarification!

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