Why are set property overrides considered bad now? Just curious why this warning exists

So when I qualify msg.url string for a 'http request node' it works, but if I put the same string in the given node as a static setting, I get this odd error?

"Warning: msg properties can no longer override set node properties. See bit.ly/nr-override-msg-props"

Looking at the discussion around this error message, I am a bit confused, meaning why would providing a property override as documented in the node documentation be an issue? The node documentation states that msg.url is the way to pass in a URL for the node. So the question is why is overriding a set property now considered bad form? I can think of a few scenarios where setting a 'default' is a valid use case, where the override maybe only used as qualified by flow design.

Actually it is not an error, it is a warning. Warnings are good, right ?

When a node allows configuration by message and via configuration window there is the need to have a criteria on which one will prevail (when both are used). The most important is consistency across all the nodes. The general rule is that the configuration will be taken from the node itself in case both are used. if it has been set in the dialog it cannot be overridden. The warning exists for historical reasons. There were a couple of nodes, many years ago, that had a different behaviour. That was changed and the warning message added.

Thanks... that explains it.

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