Node dmxusbpro generates errors when installing

i tried to add the node dmxusbpro as well to a windows pc and also to a raspberry. Fails in both machines witch a lot of errors reported.

I looked int github and found the following:
Hello! I'm reviving this thread with a solution that worked for me on Ubuntu 18.04 with NodeJS v15.14.

Clone the repo
In the file "package.json" replace the following lines

"dependencies"  : {
        "serialport"   : "^6.2.0"

for the following (I use serialport version 7.7.6. Change it to whatever version your using)

"dependencies"  : {
        "serialport"   : "^7.7.6"

Build locally with

npm install ~/path/to/repo/node-red-contrib-dmxusbpro

VoilĂ !

The thing is: i'm not a 'programmer' who is used to work with github. So can anybody please give me help how to do that on a windows machine?

Kind regards


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