Node multiple in/out for better flow structure

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 10.48.34 AM

so here is my proposal:

add top and bottom in/out to ALL nodes.

--if the node has a left side in, then it should have a top side in as well.
--if the node has a right side out, then it should have a bottom side out as well.
--you can use either, or both.

the bottom out would not work on nodes that already have multiple outs, ie: the switch node with more than two options. those would be the exceptions.

imagine the branching possibilities and better flow layout that could be done.

And the confusion of people thinking that the Function node has two inputs.

What about a Function node configured for two outputs, what you you do then?

as i said, anything with default multi outputs would be exempt.

And the confusion of users thinking the Function node has two separate inputs?

Discussed many time before.

Not quite what your after but ... :slight_smile:


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