Node node-red-contrib-events

I have a problem with this node ...

Does not always works;
Do you use it without problems?

Why not use the built in link nodes?

Yes, I use the link node also, but I found this node and I liked to manage many node setting the topic only .....

The author is a frequent contributor here, so if you can be more specific about your issue(s), he may be able to help.

I try to explain ....
Until this morning when I press a button a global variable was set 0 or 1
All the function in all my flow reading the value of this global variable.
Now I set a flow variable and with this node (contrib-events) I set a flow variable for each flow with the value 0 or 1.
Well the variable for each flow not always are updated .....

Been away - family time.

Best to tag me if you need my attention :slight_smile:

Mine work somewhat differently. Similar principle but you can use wildcard subscriptions for example. They also work using just a msg.topic.

They were a quick set of nodes I put together as I was working out the best ways to provide alternative connectivity for uibuilder nodes.

First thing to check is whether you are getting any errors:

  • In the debug panel
  • In the Node-RED logs
  • In the Editor browser tab's dev tools console

You may need to temporarily up the logging that node-red does - see your settings.js file for details.

I can't think of any specific reason the nodes would suddenly be unreliable, they are really very simple.

The same thing happened long time ago with the link node, this is my old post ...

Maybe not be connected, but once again I replace some contrib-event node with mqtt node and remaining node now work fine ....

When the node don't work I have no error in debug panel (I didn't check in the editor browser tab's dev tools console) ...

I really need more to go on. I've had no issues with it but I don't use it extensively. If you are having "many" problems, you should turn up node-red's logging and provide a log extract from when it doesn't work.

If it isn't working, since it uses node.js's core event library, you may well have other issues as well.

Ok, thank you ....

EDIT: "many" was incorrect; I modified my first post ....

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