Node-RED 0.20.3 released


the next maintenance release of Node-RED is now available.

It addresses the following issues:

  • The Function editor being unusable due a corrupted appearance. The root cause was found to be the python nodes that load their own copy of the ACE libraries we use which were no longer compatible with the version we updated to in 0.20. We now actively block loading the ACE libraries from external sources as nodes must use the version we provide and not load their own.
  • Unexpected crash when using WebSocket nodes and Worldmap
  • Using a process env var as a subflow env var generates an error #2099
  • The OpenHAB nodes were crashing with a circular reference error. They have now published an update to fix it from their side, but there was a change we needed to make to prevent other nodes from hitting the same.

Community Survery

Also a quick reminder about the [community survey we're running]( ). If you haven't filled it in yet, please do so! Every response we get will help shape what we focus on within the project.