Node-RED 0.20.4 released


The latest maintenance release has been published.

Fixes include:

  • Switch media-typer to content-type module Fixes #2122 #2123
  • Use userObj.username and not .name for ssh key lookup Closes #2109
  • Ensure mqtt message handlers are tidied up properly on partial deploy
  • Update package dependencies
  • Fix encoding menu in file node #2125
  • Update ACE to 1.4.3-src-min-noconflict Fixes #2106
  • Fix creating missing package.json when existing project imported Fixes #2115
  • Allow subflow instance to override env var with falsey values Fixes #2113
  • Prevent wire from normal node to link virtual port Fixes #2114
  • Add explanation to the help text on the new feature to build query string from msg.payload #2116
  • Bump bcrypt to latest
  • Add Korean locales files for nodes #2100
  • Add error message if catalog is invalid json
  • Reduce udp out timeout to be less than default inject at start #2127

Docker images are still building, but should be ready very soon.