Node-RED 0.20.6 released

Whilst we're still busy working towards 1.0, we haven't forgotten about the rest of you.

Node-RED 0.20.6 has been published with a small number of fixes.

  • Revealing node position needs to account for zoom level Fixes #2172
  • stop join tripping up if last message of buffer is blank.
  • Improve handling of file upload in request node
  • Handle subflow internal node wired to a non-existant node Fixes #2202
  • Do not save subflow env vars with blank names
  • Don't allow a link node virtual wire to connect to normal port
  • Clear HTTP Request node authType when auth disabled Fixes #2215
  • Fix parsing of content-type header Fixes #2216
  • Fix join node reset issue with merging objects
  • Copy data-i18n attribute on TypedInput Fixes #2211

Thanks Nick.
Are you still planning on releasing a new beta for v1.0.0-beta.2 (this week) ??

No. 0.20.6 had to take priority today thanks to a couple issues that were raised in the last few days that needed fixes released more urgently.

With that done, I'm back onto the beta... but it's almost home time and the weekend.

No problems - I just got confusded when I saw the message saying "a new release".

Have a great, relaxing weekend.

Cheers from David

any chance the docker image will be updated to 0.20.6 soon? Thanks!! :smile:

Ooops - I kicked off the build but didn't spot they had failed (for unrelated reasons). Have kicked off again - so should be published in the next hour.