🎉 Node-RED 1.1.0-beta.1 released

I get things like that happen now and then.

Alas I can't specify exactly the scenario. (I'm just browsing the thread.)

From what I remember it is when I press the deploy button. I get that ghosts drag and drop thing over my flows too.

Oh, and I am not using the latest version. I am using 1.0.3.

Because the current layout offends my OCD! It is very tight.


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Then the border would not align with the grid, which may upset you even more...

Unless it bumps a whole extra grid width (for the default grid size... )

And then the waste of space would upset me.


I haven't had the opportunity to try this beta version yet, but reading through the thread, and apologies if I've missed this, but...

Will we be able to create a 'group of groups'?

So, using weather as an example,

  • A weather tab
  • Split into 2 groups - 'Current conditions' & 'Forecast'

Within 'Current conditions' there are 'air quality & pollen', 'windspeed & gusts' etc. sub-groups.

In the 'Forecast' group, probably similar sub-groups to 'Current conditions'.

If not - maybe something for the future?

I think it's worth trying. From @cymplecy's original point - a node with status text clashes horribly with the group label, so aesthetics of the spacing aside, it needs to move. Either on the grid or off the grid - either way, it needs to give the node more space.

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Yes. You can nest groups as much as you want.



Or maybe I would tweak the grid size :smile:

Ah well, that kills it then, we'll not be going for that.

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I foresee some pointless experimentation coming up :thinking:

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Yes, I guess it needs to be dynamic and only be larger if the label exists.


Just updated a PiZero to the 1.1.0-beta.1 - can't replicate this bug on it

I think the margins, in a group, need to be a little larger, to enclose all wires

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More glitches on my Win10 setup

Once I remove 2nd node from group - grouping disappears and I can no longer select nodes until I deploy and refresh my browser


@cymplecy please remember to check the browser's developer console for any error messages

A simple "no errors shown" would have sufficed :wink:

But I can recreate it, so no more details needed.

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I honestly didn't know if those warning messages were relevant or not
My javascript web stuff knowledge is very weak

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With beta.2 now published, I'm closing this topic. Please follow up on that thread.

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