🎉 Node-RED 1.2.3 released

Node-RED 1.2.3 is now available, sweeping up a few fixes that have gone in recently.

This includes the fix for using npm 7 with Node-RED.

Full change log: https://github.com/node-red/node-red/releases/tag/1.2.3


Don't forget us Docker folks. :slight_smile:

We haven't... but the builds have got stuck. May be a while before we get them unstuck.

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Virtually stuck. literally stuck... Where did I leave the Tylenol?

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I'd have suggested WD-40. :joy:

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+1 for docker (actually +much more)

The docker image was published last night after the Travis build finally woke up and did its thing.

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Ah.... kinky. LOL.

Unfortunatelly I've upgraded to this version and I have found a lot of problems :confused:

  1. cannot change palette, under this option in GUI there is "install node" option;
  2. node-red-contrib-mqtt-broker does not connect to MQTT server, MQTT dynamic works without any problem;
  3. icons on dashboard buttons are not shown
    and this is only beginning, is there any option to easily downgrade to 1.2.1?

Hi @samezrp

  1. cannot change palette, under this option in GUI there is "install node" option;

Do you mean the "Manage Palette' menu option is missing? Or something else?

  1. node-red-contrib-mqtt-broker does not connect to MQTT server, MQTT dynamic works without any problem;
  2. icons on dashboard buttons are not shown

Issues with individual nodes are not going to be related to the version of Node-RED.

How have you installed Node-RED and how did you upgrade? Did you make any other changes (such as the node.js version) when you updated?


That node IS a broker, it does not connect to anything - MQTT nodes connect to it. You might also note, that node is built on mosca & both mosca and that node are not maintained.

There is a replacement you might want to try - node-red-contrib-aedes or just install a broker like mosquito.

I used command:

npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

so I overwrite old installation, and then used

npm update

I did not update any files, old ones were used. I did not update nodejs.

Regarding Pallette option chosing this menu you go to "Install node" option, there is way to change palette.
I uninstalled all, so at the moment I cannot do any printscreen.
BTW I'm facing another problem:

npm WARN ws@7.4.0 requires a peer of bufferutil@^4.0.1 but none was installed.
npm WARN ws@7.4.0 requires a peer of utf-8-validate@^5.0.2 but none was installed.

@ [Steve-Mcl]
OK, maybe wrong explanation or name. I have local broker (based on MOSQUITTO) and I had used standard "mqtt out" and "mqtt in" nodes using localhost server as MQTT server in parameters.
After update they claim to be disconnected to/from server. Exactly the same config with "node-red-contrib-mqtt-dynamic" all was OK, connection successful and all is working.
I tested connection of "mqtt in/out" using https://test.mosquitto.org/ server, port 1883 (without any SSL, with test topic, ports forwarded) and using command lines:


I could without any problem subscribe and publish, "mqtt in/out" claimed to be disconnected.

As I mentioned at the moment I'm trying to reinstall all from skratch on Ubuntu 18.04.

Ok, understand.

Are you using the very capable and recommended script? (i know the title is "Running on Raspberry Pi" but keep reading - it says "this script will work on any Debian-based operating system, including Ubuntu")

I'm not clear what you mean. Can you share a screenshot showing something to help explain?

Now it looks like I have installed 1.2.3 again, NPM errors I had were connected to nodejs, I had 8.10, after clean installation of v12.19.0 I managed to install 1.2.3 again.
chosing this option gives you that result:

No way to change palete.

In my old palette I could see buttons with different colour and text depending on switch state, now I can see only this:

Additinally after this clean install mqtt in/out started to work and they claim connection as succesful, see above.

BTW I just copied old setup files to:


directory, no other changes instead installing non-existing nodes.

Side question... is it not considered 'best' practice to use a stand-alone broker? Versus a node/embedded broker in NR? Just asking. Using a dedicated broker to me, just seemed logical and preferred. But given the discussion here, was curious what the general perception is.

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You need to switch to the 'install' tab to search for and install new node modules. The 'nodes' tab you are on lists what is already installed.

@ [Nodi.Rubrum]
As for me it is better to have independent broker, thanks to it I had a chance to steer all with it, without Node RED running.
What modules? Modules to change palette? What have in common palette and installation/installed nodes list which it is under palette option?
General question: how in 1.2.3 can I change palette?

I don't understand what you are asking.

What does "change palette" mean? I assumed you were looking for how to install new nodes into your palette. Nodes are provided by modules, and you can browse available modules on the "Install" tab of the palette manager.

This is not new in 1.2.3 - it is how it has always worked. But you say something has changed since you upgraded to 1.2.3 - and we are not clear on what you mean.

I used this kind of colors:
Now it is by default like this:

And not I cannot find any way to change back to the green one. This is palette and I cannot describe more clearily what I mean by "palette".