🎉 Node-RED 2.2.2 released

Node-RED 2.2.2 is now available.

This has a single fix for a timeout issue with the MQTT nodes when deploying changes.

A big thanks to @Steve-Mcl for tracking this one down.


Latest Docker image is 2.2.0

Latest is actual 2.2.1 ... I didn't spot the 2.2.2 build had failed to publish to dockerhub. Rerunning now - it'll get there eventually.

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All I can say is that I ran the

docker update

command 5 minutes before posting here and I wound up with 2.2.0. :man_shrugging:

:joy: :grin:

EDIT: I must have not refreshed my browser because it now says 2.2.1 :roll_eyes:

Thanks, I have 2.2.2 now :+1:

Where is the tab?

Thanks @Steve-Mcl and Nick for this update


If your have an issue to report, please raise it on GitHub.

I'm sorry how can i use these files to update my nodered

@ae2213 how did you install Node-RED?

npm command

Then you can use the same npm command to install the new version.

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I am running Node-Red in a TrueNas jail. How do I update this install to the current version?


How did you install it?

It was a community plug in. I clicked on the link and it created the jail and installed the node red at the same time.

I've checked for updates to the plug in and none are available.

You would have to ask in that community. Not sure I've ever seen TrueNas mentioned here - we don't have anything to do with their plugin. Out of interest, do you have a link to find out more?


I followed the steps to install node-red in the shell of the jail. It did work. I was surprised because I never have luck like that.


Hi @Edhall1044,

Update to the latest version is very easy, almost easier than on a Raspberry Pi.

  1. Go to the shell of your Node Red installation in TrueNAS. (or FreeNAS)
  2. You will see it in the shell.
  3. Issue the command: service nodered upgrade

And that is it.

Hi, @knolleary

Regarding a link. There is not much available as far as I know.
Perhaps GitHub - ix-plugin-hub/iocage-plugin-index: Community created JSON files for plugins., but this gives all the community plugins forTrueNAS

I just updated to Node-RED 2.2.2 and Dashboard 3.1.6 on my Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB w/ official Touch LCD. 32bit Bullseye and 64biit Bullseye. I haven't seen any regressions or bugs to report.

Thank you for continually improving the platform.

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