Node red 3 login

I forgot the login - how can I reset it.

regards Erwin

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Hi @Nilpferd

Assuming this is a regular local install of Node-RED, then you should have a settings.js file that includes your login details. The password will be hashed, so you'll need to generate a new password hash and update the file, then restart Node-RED to pickup the change.

Node-RED logs the full path to the settings file when it starts up. By default it is under a directory called .node-red in your user's home directory.

Thanks, but in this case it will be quicker to reinstall NR.

Reinstalling node red will not do it.

quicker to reinstall NR.

And then setup security again from scratch that involves more steps then just updating the password in your existing setup? I don't think that'll be quicker.

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